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Data-driven services

Our customers’ goals are the focal point of everything we do. Through innovative, forward-looking thinking, we develop the data strategy that fully supports our customers’ business ambitions. Our actions and services are based on extensive knowledge and evidence-based expertise. We assist build data-driven businesses by helping them harvest, organize and monetize business-driven data.


Build a future-proof strategy to create impact


Define and prototype your use-cases


Know your customer (KYC)

This phase is key in order to understand the business and technical context of the client. We identify the key business needs and assess the current technical landscape. This is usually done with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that we capture the complete picture.

Proof of Concept

Based on the KYC analysis, we can define together what are relevant projects and initial scopes to validate the feasibility and ROI on this potential pick list. The Proof of Concept phase focuses on creating a relevant prototype that is as close as possible to the desired end result. Avoiding risks and challenges in this phase will avoid higher risks and costs in later stages.


Align your technology with your business goals


Cloud platforms

Google, AWS or Azure, none of them are the same. We help you alligning your goals with the right platform.


Increase efficiency and create impact with the right analytics technology.

Marketing technology

Select and implement the best suited MarTech will drive your business forward.

Customer Data Platform

Collect, segment and activate your customers data.


Concepts to reality

Agiliz workshop

Data engineering

Taming your data with integrated and scalable data engineering tailored to your needs, to help you meet your challenges.

Data structure

Translating the business logic into data requirements while keeping the optimal, flexible and robust data structure as the top priority.

AI & MLOps

Reaping scalable benefits of AI with rapid, safe, and efficient development & operationalization, yet not sacrificing the value across operations with integrated MLOps discipline.

Data sharing

Building a robust data-sharing framework and optimizing relevant data to accelerate digital business transformation and improve application integration.


Visualize your solutions

Analytics can make or break your business.

There are so many wrong ways to visualize and interpret your data that we work with experts in storytelling, UX/UI and analytics technology to help you to generate impactful insights from data.

Think beyond your first line business user, utilize your analytics to create new business models like data monetization or embedded analytics. 


Empower your organization

New features are only valuable when your end-users actually use them. That’s why their involvement is needed too. After deployment, end-users have to be informed about the added functionality of your product. This will immediately add value to the new functionality. Any feedback gathered along the way can be used to improve our product even more.

Our goal is to enable each consumer of your solution with the required skills and technology. These 2 requirements are crucial to create a working data-driven organisation.

Way of working

Discover our ways of working

Project based Our proven project approach guides you from strategy to implementation you to empowering your people.
Managed services

Run your business without worrying about your data platform. We got you covered.

Training & coaching

Don't forget your people. We train and coach every consumer of our solutions with our learning paths.


Short or long term staffing needs? Our consultants are specialists in one or more data domains and technologies. We can fix any staffing challenge.

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