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  • Data infrastructure design: Are data quality and data integration your scary nightmares?
  • Data infrastructure diagnostics: Do you have no idea where and in what state your data resides?
  • Data infrastructure transformation: Are you experiencing some scalability problems due to a vendor lock, data getting bigger by time or hindering old architecture/migration that is no longer feasible?
  • Improved operations: Do you want to understand your overall business, improve operations, and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions?
  • Better customer insights/Smarter recommendations and targeting: Do you want to understand your real customer needs and behavior and crosscheck them by real-time user analytics?
  • More insightful market intelligence/Data-driven innovation: Do you want to automate some simple tasks and procedures, such as predicting business expenses, performing cost analysis, and automating reporting?

Then you are in the right place.


Data engineering

As a mature data company, we have data experts from all walks of data professions. Such as experts with a classical data engineering background including SQL development, ETL development, database administration, and data modeling expertise, who later upgraded themselves as cloud data/solution architects. We also have experts with a software engineering background that includes data science, machine learning, MLOps, and software development experience, who are ambassadors of applying mature software engineering principles and ensuring that they are being applied to all built data infrastructures and architected data solutions.

Our data experts don’t just create data pipelines but craft automated and reusable data frameworks. General optimization is always followed by a customized optimization per business case. The maintenance of data frameworks is proactively designed from a multi-integration perspective.

AI & MLOps

Here Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no buzzwords. Our experts conduct a process analysis to detect the most cost-effectively improvable areas and propose a phased transformation strategy tailored to your financial plan and immediate needs. Once the action plan is agreed upon, then the implementation is as smooth as silk.

All the biases, security, privacy and ethical considerations, future scalability pain points are taken care of by our multidisciplinary data gurus.

To protect your served models from model decay and make them future-proof, we build customized and automated MLOps frameworks with a maintenance warranty included.


Data structure

After an initial analysis of your business needs and current data structure from the perspective of volume, variety, velocity, veracity, value, and variability; our experts provide a report on the available data, need for additional data collection to achieve the immediate objectives, necessary data transformations, comparison of 3rd party solutions versus cloud and open source enterprise solutions, needs for batch/streaming data architecture, the optimal data framework for testing, versioning and productionizing the codebase with a deployment roadmap...

Long story short, by having your data analyzed, our experts extract the patterns, reveal hidden gaps, and find the most appropriate data structure that is compatible with the underlying computational structure.


Data sharing

Every company wants to share their data in a fast, easy and secure way across the organization to accelerate data-driven decision making.

But when it comes to data sharing, which is still evolving and thus requires a cautious approach; our experts get very strict and play the role of devil's advocate.

First, they comprehend the current data sharing needs with respect to legal frameworks, elements of organizational culture and interoperability of applications without compromising the increased availability and quality of data. Our experts design and create a single source of the truth for all internal data and afterwards facilitate distribution/share across the organization by multiple users or applications. They even provide suggestions if they detect a potential business use case by providing direct access to specific datasets as a monetized service.

In a nutshell, our value proposal on data sharing is providing you a manageable data structure for clean, consistent, and properly used data, maintaining data quality and data governance best practices while protecting your data infrastructure from potential data misuse, also taking into account the human side. The art side of our expertise here is: not sacrificing emerging opportunities for immediate preventive restrictions, yet facilitating impact-centric empowerment.

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