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Technology selection, implementation and adoption

The biggest underrated step is defining the right technology components. Many companies rush into development without evaluating if the final business outcome can be guaranteed with their current technology.

Therefore, Agiliz will create a shortlist of technology options based on if they are future-proof and their potential added value for your company.

Together with you, Agiliz will help you identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each proposed technology or architectural approach. 


Cloud platforms

Which cloud platform provider is the right choice for you? Will it be a single, hybrid or multi-cloud strategy?

Make sure that it's a well thought through future proof approach for your business needs. Every choice has its advantages and disadvantages.

With our multi-cloud experts we will help you choose the right approach for you.


Serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective data warehouses are required for democratising data.

Databases, Data Warehouses and data lakes are key in your data infrastructure. At Agiliz, we help you to choose, implement, integrate the right database for you.

Data Enablement

Data enablement or ELT/ETL technology is the process to Extract Load and Transform your source data into your data lake or data warehouse.

Depending on your sources and target systems we help you to select and implement the best fitted solution.

Using market-leading technologies for cloud or on-premise environments, our experts will transform raw data into meaningful insights. 

Customer Data Platform

A customer data platform is a marketing technology that unifies a company’s customer data from multi-channels to enable customer data collection, segmentation, modeling and optimizing the timing and targeting of messages and offers.

Marketing Technology

Marketing technology (Martech) is a number of software technologies used by marketing departments to support business objectives and drive innovation within their organizations. Martech solutions focus on a wide aspect in the marketing space like content and customer experience, advertising, direct marketing, marketing management and marketing data and analytics.


To gain the maximum benefits out of your data platform, your analytics platform should support current and future business needs.

Therefore Agiliz will help you identify the use cases, make them measurable and advise on the analytics platform that helps you achieve these needs.

Key elements in the selection are:

  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Pricing
  • Governed analytics
  • Self-service
  • Native app possibility
  • Out-of-the box visualisations
  • Embedding possibilities
  • Multi-source
  • Security

Create impact with the right technology

Interested in one or more of our used technologies? We are more than happy to explain the differences and how these technologies will create a data-driven impact.