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A financial institution launched a new initiative with a focus to become more customer-centric by 2020. Part of this program revolved around the topic data and how data can help the company as well as the customer. Our focus was the implementation of the omni-channel approach (business and technical).

Our approach

Know your customer

The client had a combination of digital and offline channels to connect with the customers. New challengers and a desire to better accommodate their clients were drivers to create ways to make their service a key differentiator. 

“To measure is to know” became the new mantra and the data team were the evangelists of this message within the company. A new tracking software and platform was chosen. With the decisions made, it is key to distill true value from the existing and new data.


Proof of Value

A 2-fold approach was applied:

  • Based on the available data, prioritise the key functionalities
  • Identify key blind spots in the tracking

The Proof of Value consisted of the following steps:

  • Identify business case / key functionalities
  • Implement necessary tracking in (mobile) app / website
  • Analyse results
  • Make recommendation



After proving the value of data for the business, the tracking of the client interactions was rolled out to all key processes in the applications that the customers use.


  • Standardised event tracking and data structure
  • Better overview of end-to-end customer journey
  • Optimised process flows with little user friction
  • Improved UX / UI design
  • Elimination of excess functionalities


  • “To measure is to know”
  • Win-win situation for company and client
  • Higher customer satisfaction and brand value
  • More successful and efficient product development and launches
  • Higher management impact based on data-driven decisions and choices
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