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Are you the Data Explorer we are looking for ?

Agiliz Data Explorers ?

In the endless expanse of data, there are those who discover, those who innovate, those who analyse and those who combine it all. Welcome to Agiliz, the world of data explorers.  

We specialise in leveraging the power of data to inspire innovation and drive business growth. From analysis and interpretation to the design and implementation of a robust data infrastructure, Agiliz provides end-to-end support to help our customers to unlock the full potential of their data assets.  No matter how high they have to fly or how deep they have to dig, our team of explorers will navigate our clients business through the complexities of the digital data landscape.

Discover together with us this unknown territory where data isn't just information and numbers. We are ready to dive, climb, fly and push existing boundaries to unlock opportunities. We are ready to make a lasting data impact! 

Join us on our journey as data explorers: where data drives impactful discoveries! 

Working as a data Explorer at Agiliz


  • Never stop exploring in search of new data heights.
  • Dare to be different by developing creative, out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Build data engineering or data visualisation concepts that drive business and create measurable impact.
  • Put on your explorer gear and keep an eye out for new technologies and the best ways to use them.


  • Commit to continuous learning and development to become the best explorer you can be.
  • Set high standards for yourself and your team.
  • Be willing to help others, as every adventure is a team effort.

Open Applications

We are always looking for new areas to explore, so put on your helmet, find your binoculars and send us your application.
You could be the data adventurer we are looking for.

Data Explorer Academy

At Data Explorer Academy, we are dedicated to empowering young graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving world of data.

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to provide a blend of classroom instruction and self-study, ensuring a robust and flexible learning experience.

About Agiliz

We believe in customer-oriented data solutions, driven by innovation and expertise. 
We value open communication, accessibility, customer-focus and pro-activity.
We establish long term partnerships, with our clients and our colleagues.
We create impact on your business using data.