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Azure Data Architect

Location: Belgium or The Netherlands

As an Azure data architect you'll be responsible for designing and implementing robust data architectures on the Microsoft Azure platform. You'll work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the data solutions meet the business needs and drive innovation.

You take pride in designing scalable data architectures, empowering the client to leverage data for  strategic decision-making.

The impact you'll make

As an Azure data architect, you'll transform how we handle and leverage data. You'll integrate various data sources into efficient data models, design scalable and secure data architectures, and optimize data pipelines for performance.

Additionally, you'll provide guidance and mentorship to our team, fostering a data-driven culture within the organization.


Your skills

  • Experience in designing and implementing data architectures on Azure.
  • Strong understanding of Azure data services, including Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, and Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Proficient in data modeling, ETL processes, and data warehousing
  • Strong SQL knowledge
  • Experience with data security and compliance best practices
  • Ability to collaborate with stakeholders to understand business needs and translate them into technical solutions
  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python, Spark, or Scala
  • Familiarity with other cloud platforms is a plus

Your values

  • Eager to work as a team leader
  • Ready to take on a challenge
  • Curious for new technologies
  • Fond of data strategy and architecture
  • Cloud-minded

What's in it for you?

  • Tackle innovative Azure data projects
  • Stay up-to-date with the newest trends and advancements in Azure data services
  • Engage in continuous (peer)learning 
  • Participate on a tactical level within our company
  • Enjoy an open and informal company culture
  • Collaborate with awesome colleagues

Meet your future colleague Casper

For my current project, I work on the Google Cloud Platform. Here I connect data from different data sources like Salesforce, MariaDB, etc. to bundle them in a modernized data warehouse. I build custom Spark ETL pipelines with DataFusion. With the Data Loss Prevention API, I encrypt sensitive data with keys to ensure security and privacy. To orchestrate these data pipelines, I use Cloud Composer (Apache Airflow). Event-triggered functionality is handled by serverless Cloud Functions and object storage in Cloud Storage. I also make technical dashboards that monitor the components and their costs in Data Studio. In the end, the data is stored in a Kimball data warehouse model in BigQuery where the data is consumed by MicroStrategy reports.

In my downtime I like to go to the movies and go cycling to train for the company’s yearly bike event. We are going to Italy for the Duchennes Heroes event, 3 days of cycling with my colleagues while supporting a good cause.


Why Agiliz

We’re a team of about 50 people, all interested in data and analytics. Fun, informal and open communication define us. We’re like a small village where everyone knows everyone and we’re always willing to lend a hand to our neighbour.

We don’t limit ourselves to one technology or one business sector, the variety in projects and technology stack in addition to our knowledge sharing culture is one of the reasons why applicants choose for us.

Although we believe that our love for team events, food and good vibes might have something to do with it as well.


Meet your future colleague Tim

On a daily basis I work closely with technical and business stakeholders in order to capture all requirements for designing a scalable architecture. By doing so we establish a cloud strategy and cloud architecture that is the perfect fit for the client's needs now and in the future.

I also design structured best practices for cloud utilisation at the client and internally at Agiliz. Collaboration, communication and problem solving are as important as my technical expertise on cloud architecture, AI/ML, data engineering and data platforms.

After hours I'm also fond of innovation and follow closely all space-related updates, seeing a live rocket-launch is definitely on my bucket list!


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