Cloud Data Engineer Belgium

As a data engineer at Agiliz you are responsible to deliver end-to-end cloud data solutions for the client. You are also responsible for enabling the client to make data-driven decisions based on my solution of collecting, transforming and publishing data. Furthermore, you have t be able to develop those cloud data solutions, you can design, build, operationalize, secure and monitor data processing systems with an emphasis on security, compliance and scalability.

Your values 

• Eager to work as a team 

• Ready to take on a challenge 

• Curious for new technologies 

• Fond of data 

• Cloud-minded 


Your skills 

• Familiar with AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure 

• Building ETL data pipelines

• Automation of builds, deployments, testing and configuration

• Knowledge of programming languages like Java/Scala and Python 

• Knowledge of Apache Spark or Beam 

• Knowledge of container orchestration 

• Knowledge of orchestration tools 

• Knowledge of storage systems 

What’s in it for you?

• Challenging projects with a variety of technologies

• Continuous (peer) learning

• Possibility to participate on a tactical level within out company

• Open and informal company culture

• Great colleagues

Meet your future colleague Casper

For my current project, I work on the Google Cloud Platform. Here I connect data from different data sources like Salesforce, MariaDB, etc. to bundle them in a modernized data warehouse. I build custom Spark ETL pipelines with DataFusion. With the Data Loss Prevention API, I encrypt sensitive data with keys to ensure security and privacy. To orchestrate these data pipelines, I use Cloud Composer (Apache Airflow). Event-triggered functionality is handled by serverless Cloud Functions and object storage in Cloud Storage. I also make technical dashboards that monitor the components and their costs in Data Studio. In the end, the data is stored in a Kimball data warehouse model in BigQuery where the data is consumed by MicroStrategy reports. 


In my downtime I like to go to the movies and go cycling to train for the company’s yearly bike event. We are going to Italy for the Duchennes Heroes event, 3 days of cycling with my colleagues while supporting a good cause.


Let’s work together

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