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Steve HillenMay 9, 2023 6:11:22 PM2 min read

A data-driven strategic partnership between Generali and Agiliz

A data-driven partnership

Agiliz has collaborated with GEB since 2016 as their trusted data management and main technology advisor. The aim is to continuously conceptualize and develop innovative digital solutions as the foundation for new business opportunities. In this customer case, we will deep dive into two of their recent projects together.

Defining and implementing a future-proof Cloud Architecture

GEB delivers data and insightful reports to their customers and partners and strives to expand their service while complying with GDPR and related privacy regulations. Therefore, GEB was in need of a future proof strategic approach to deliver data correctly. Google Cloud Platform to the rescue!

By migrating their data to the Google Cloud Platform, they could implement a new interactive client portal and data model in which personal data is anonymized. The online portal not only gives users access to interactive dashboards but also has a lot of advantages for GEB themselves. The new system and data model results in a more cost-efficient way of working and an increased performance with up to 950% more usage of analytics. And you know what they say, data is the new gold.

"Agiliz really enabled us in our digital transformation process"

Andrea Pontoni, COO and ExCom member, Generali Employee Benefits Network

Automation to stay compliant with the new IFRS 17 Standard

IFRS 17 is the newest IFRS standard for insurance contracts. The main goal of IFRS 17 is to standardise insurance accounting on a global level to increase comparability and transparency when choosing the right insurance partner.

To meet this new standard, GEB wanted to automate the receiving, preserving and delivery of insurance data to their clients. In that way, they could keep their high customer service standards by delivering data in a correct and timely manner while being compliant with the new standard. Once again, Google was the right fit for the job.

After designing a new data model for migrating and storing all the existing data using Google BigQuery, an additional data flow was added, enabling the incorporation of new data streams. Agiliz created an automated data flow to facilitate this process and set up separate environments so every business unit could only access their own data.

From a manual labor-intensive task to an automated data flow that ensures GDPR compliance every step of the way. A beautiful example of how innovative technology can make the difference. We’re looking forward to keep on evolving with GEB to expand their innovative data approach!

"Agiliz implemented a full GDPR compliant automatic data process"

Andrea Pontoni, COO and ExCom member, General Employee Benefits


Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) is an integrated network that offers services for employees of multinational companies such as protection, life and health coverage and pension plans for both local and expat employees.
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